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Reviews are in for AMID THE NOISE AND HASTE

This is an excerpt from C.W. Blackwell's review of Switchblade 11 J.D. Graves, AMID THE NOISE & HASTE Bud Sanders is a plumber in small town America who is suddenly impacted by the unlikeliest of phenomena -- international terrorism. This is a story only J.D. Graves could write, and he does it with such mastery that it’s a wonder we’re not all talking about him. Graves writes with the kind of wild-eyed clarity and brutal humor I’ve only read in the work of Hunter S. Thompson, and this story is a case in point. I’ve heard rumors he’s working on a novel and you better believe I’m going to stand in line for it. Read the full review here. This is an excerpt from Susan J.'s review on Amazon. My favorite stories in this issue are “Whatever Lola Wants” by Misha Burnett, “The Alibi” by Robb T. White, “Amid the Noise and Haste” by J.D. Graves, “A Brand New Outfit” by Jim Wilsky, and “The Radical Mr. Bogota” by Alec Cizak.  In Graves’s tale, a plumber digs deep to find the

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